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Research & Development

SEMNON is pro-actively pursuing research & development, in particular in the field of Smart Cities, Data Visualization and IoT devices, which allows us to stay on top of the latest digital trends and developments.


Rapid Probing: 
Neighborhood Scoreboards

SEMNON developed Rapid Probes. Rapid probes are simple, flexible and adaptable rapid implementations of interactive use cases that aim to understand the needs and desires of users in a real-world setting and inspiring users and researchers to think about new forms of interactivity in urban space. The Neighbourhood Scoreboard project investigates the effect of public exposure of domestic energy usage on house facades. The research project started in 2009 and was carried out at the Design Lab, University of Sydney. From October to November 2010 five chalkboards as feedback displays were installed in a Sydney neighbourhood and manually updated each day.

Contextual Research:
The Smartphone City

Recent research in smart cities suggests that the field should not be limited to the investigation of large-scale screens in the form of media facades and urban screens, but also encompass other digital media platforms in urban environments. In particular, the rise of smartphones has dramatically changed how people interact with their environment, with each other, and with the services provided by the city. This research contributes to this discourse through an investigation of telematic qualities of digital media platforms in public space, based on the proliferation of smartphones in the urban environment. It thereby extends the notion of engaging with virtual and mixed realities via digital interfaces, anticipating, with reference to Villem Flusser’s “telematic society”, the theory of engaging with a telematic reality. The research proposes a new perspective for research in media architecture and smart cities by considering a “smartphone city” approach. This approach encourages a deeper integration of smartphones within the urban environment as an alternative solution to the deployment of new and expensive infrastructures, which is commonly the focus in smart city initiatives.


Integrated hardware and software development for bespoke solutions

SEMNON develops bespoke integrated hardware and software solutions using using Arduino and RaspberryPi, such as the SelfieFactory. The ‘#selfiefactory’ is an experimental art installation creating a temporary visual experience of online behaviour. The installation offers a tangible experience to explore the scale and quality of online data uploaded in the present. It will utilise the real-time stream of Instagram (#selfie) data and print a collection of the most recent images uploaded onto receipt paper. This taxonomy of the online self-portrait (#selfie) is an investigation into the experienced divide of online spaces and physical places, the division of an individual experience and the collective experience of our telematic world.

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