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Digital Activation of Brands

SEMNON brings your brand alive in physical space. Using the latest in real-time interactive tracking, imaging and projection techniques. We create reactive environments that allow customers to physically Interact with branded content and spaces such as concept
stores, trade show booths and other dedicated environments using touch, gestures and tactile interactions.


Honda CES 2017

For HONDA, SEMNON developed several interactive touch-points at CES 2017 to communicate HONDA’s lates mobility concepts. Together with Spinifex Group and George P Johnston we created the 
Honda stand and unveiled its Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem concept, which connects the power of artificial intelligence, robotics and big data to transform the mobility experience of the future.

Google Impact Challenge

For the Google Impact Challenge SEMNON created an Immersive CAVE environment which would allow users to submit their wishes for the Impact Challenge, which other users could then interact with, pull out, read and resubmit.


Coca Cola Happy 100

For the birthday of the Coca Cola bottle SEMNON created an interactive environment in Australian shopping malls which allowed users to create generative artworks using facile expressions like smiling and laughing. The generated artwork would then be printed on a t-shirt for users to take away with.

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